A dear friend of the man Allen Cook once said that he is a "musician's musician". He's played multiple instruments, including saxophone, chromatic harmonica and bass guitar. What he's known for are his vocal, keyboard and acoustic guitar skills. Here's what some have said about his signature style: "a soulful but gentle sound that especially comes through on your own songs", "deliciously soulful, diverse and expressive", "hints of Al Jarreau with a fusion of jazz, Caribbean, easy listening and soft rock".

A musician's musician indeed. He moves seamlessly from playing a support role on keyboards in high energy event/dance bands, to keyboard/lead singer front man in old school R&B beach music groups with kickin' horn sections, to intimate acoustic listening rooms as a soloist on guitar and vocals. Others have chimed in, "it must feel great doing what you love. It never feels like work". "Peace and love...sing on, my brother". So it is and so it shall be.

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